Bluetooth 5: Coverage above all

The Bluetooth SIG organization presents its new generation of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5! We waited enough for the organization unveils its new technical features.

But for those who do not know what the Bluetooth is, it is simply allowing smart objects to connect them such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to exchange information such as notifications .

The main novelty of Bluetooth 5 would reach a four times greater range than that of the previous version, Bluetooth 4. There would also be a low-power mode (LE). This will allow the user to save the battery of his device, without affecting the number of tasks they can perform during the day. The data transfer rate is also provided in this release because we now can count on 4Mbit/s to 200 meters.

Bluetooth SIG does not stop there! Bluetooth SIG wants this technology to be developed by many more companies to develop Beacons (Public Bluetooth terminals scattered around a city). Thus, users can connect and have more information on what research, such as information on a monument or the latest promotions from a store near by.

According to the organization this new technology will be released at the end of this year 2016 or early next year.