Family Hub, The refrigerator with a 21.5-inch touchscreen

The Family Hub refrigerator was announced by Samsung at CES 2016. It would seem that this refrigerator is a new smart object because it has a Wi-Fi chip that will allow it to browse the Internet and perform many other tasks like streaming music through the built-in speaker.

A great revolution in the world of the refrigerator industry because the Family Hub has three built-in cameras that allows it to be viewed on the integrated tablet or on your smartphone from the supermarket for example.

Another advantage of this fridge is that it has four large doors that are adjustable at your use, such as whether you want the top serves as a refrigerator and bottom freezer or vice versa. Similarly you can also set it to be refrigerator with four doors.

The tablet of this refrigerator is a 21.5 inch tablet running on Tizen 2.3.0 (a similar operating system as Android). With it you can do the same tasks that a regular tablet, applications will also be downloadable in the future such as Allrecipes Groceries or by Mastercard that allows to order his food from your favourite supermarket. It will also be possible to watch TV or listen to music with the Samsung Radiant 360 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Eventually the refrigerator will surely be logged in kitchens of most of the population in a few years, but for now it remains a good innovation with many new features for a refrigerators. We can also count on updates with even more possibilities. The original price of this refrigerator from Samsung is 5599.99 USD.